It’s my deep rooted joy happiness to pen down a few reflections and thoughts onLIFE as an Indian Citizen. I begin with the words of an immortal poet Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote,

“Life is a miracle. Oh! God, how blessed I am. How can I thank you enough. I am unworthy to receive such a gift that is incomparable – my LIFE. You blessed me with Breath- LIFE.”

All the Holy scriptures of all religions in India teach us the need to take care of the needs of others, in other words, to respect human beings and the eco system. We can take pride in our ancient cultures and civilizations which took the responsibility of maintaining moral values in society through the instilling of 5c’s that is Compassion, Commitment, Conscience, Character and Caring. The Indian Constitution demands of its citizens to uphold and respect every human and above all to respect Mother Earth by putting aside the private lives and interests to serve the country in accordance with duties defined by law. But unfortunately with the limited knowledge, nuclear homes, growing individualism, self interests, disregard for the law and greed for achieving great things through short cuts, we are heading towards a society that is disrespecting all the civic values.

We, the teachers and future leaders of our country have the biggest and most important challenge of creating a just, humane and disciplined society today. The young generation of TODAY must get to see the norms of responsibility and decency manifestly and abundantly demonstrated by action, upholding the principles of integrity and transparency. It is in our hands to curb this downswing by setting good exampleby not littering, spitting in public places, pilfering of common materials and breaking signals. Let our children see that we wait at the signal crossing even if we are the only one standing and no cop around to check us and queuing at bus stands, tickets counters, bank counters, at the OPD of the hospitals etc. When we give up our cozy seat in a bus or a train to an elderly man or lady, our younger generation will respect the old and sick in our families and society. Thereby, reducing the mushrooming of old age homes across the country.

A well planned and coherent education system with effective training strategies, and concentrated efforts, we are working tirelessly to instill values among our younger generation until it becomes second nature in our children.Good manners are extremely important for every walk of life therefore they should be instilled in children at an early age so that when they grow up they are spontaneously humane.

No one is born civilized and with all aspects of civic sense in completion. It’s a struggle and a sense that makes one, more civilized and full of good etiquettes. It is apt here to quote the meaningful words of John F Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, and ask what you can do for your country”. Therefore be on your good spirit and cheer to take our society to the citadel of good civic values which in future will be the asset of our nation.

May God Bless you.

Sr. Sarita CJ.
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